• Our Impact

    UN SDG 3

    Good Health & Wellness

    Help reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes & high blood pressure.

    UN SDG 8

    Decent Work & Economic Growth

    Follow Local & Fair Trade principles to provide gainful employment to local farmers & SMEs.

    UN SDG 12

    Responsible Production & Consumption

    Follow principles of Natural Processing, Circular Economy & Frugal Innovation to reduce pollution and consumption of resources by 45-50%.


    Example: Americans eat 3 burgers a week. Replacing just one with our Green Burger for a year can...

    - Reduce CO2 emission equal to that of 25Mn cars
    - Save potable water sufficient for 50 yrs
    - Save energy that can power 5Mn homes, and
    - Reduce 25Mn tons of plastic waste