• Our vision

    Sustainability is the defining issue of our time. From toxins-filled homes & slaughter of billions of animals every year to life-threatening climate change, the impacts of modern lifestyle are global in scope and unprecedented in scale. Without concrete action today, adapting to these impacts in the future will be very costly.

    It is no more about a few people following a sustainable lifestyle perfectly.

    It is about millions doing it, even if imperfectly.

  • What we do

    Yes, the market offers some alternatives today. But, they all use synthetic preservatives, plastic packaging & high-pollution production methods. And yet, they cost 2-3 times more!


    That is why, at The Live Green Co, we are reimagining the FMCG industry, to make our homes and our planet toxins-free & sustainable. Our Reco Engine (Charaka) blends biotech & ancestral Indian wisdom of plant nutrition, and prescribes 100% natural plant substitutes to replace the chemical & animal components in our daily consumer products.


    We then use this data to engineer healthier, sustainable & affordable alternatives to the products we use every day...

    ...on your body,

    Personal Care

    In glass bottles with paper labels.


    Ready to Launch:

    • Live Green Hair Conditioning Oil
    • LG Body Moisturizing Oil
    • LG Face Scrub
    • LG Shampoo mix
    • LG Toothbrush, no Plastic or Toothpaste

    ...in your body,

    Packaged Foods

    In preserved pumpkin leaves & returnable cardboard boxes.



    • Live Green Burger mixes, made with beans
    • LG Pancake mixes, made with legumes, veggies & fruits
    Ready to Launch:
    • LG Cheeses, made with nuts
    • LG Snacks, made with lentils
    • LG Egg mix, made with Mung

    ...and around your body.

    Home Needs

    In preserved pumpkin leaves & brown paper bags.


    Ready to Launch:

    1. Live Green Laundry Detergent
    2. LG Dish-washing Detergent
    1. LG All-purpose Cleaner
    2. LG Leaf Packaging Material
  • Welcome to the Plant Revolution!